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A Rotten Mystery

We hope you will enjoy this story shared during Goolrick’s renovation process.

The Goolrick’s renovation project was still in its early stages. Jewels and Alison were in charge of capturing photographs of the interior and exterior of the building and taking inventory of the miscellaneous items. Inventory consisted of categorizing the items as trash, donate, sell or keep. The rest of the team brought the items to them to organize and move the items to their appropriate categories or the dumpster. During this process, Jewels and Alison noticed a horrid smell - it smelled like something was rotting. The others had noticed the terrible smell too, but no one could pinpoint the source of the smell.

After hours of carefully sorting and categorizing, the room was clear of any boxes or items. Still, no one had found the source of the smell. As the team was leaving for lunch, Jay looked under the staircase and said, “I think this may be where the smell is coming from!” He had found a crate filled with a bag of milk dated back to 2017. Up close, the smell was even more rancid. The goal was to get it out of the building and keep the bag from breaking open by lightly setting the crate in the dumpster. Matt, unaware of this idea and wanting to get the crate out as quickly as possible, threw the crate over the side of the dumpster without care and walked back inside. Jewels could hear something spilling and popped her head over the edge. A thick stream of old, spoiled milk was pouring out of the bag. George Street was not safe from the putrid smell as the smell followed wherever the wind carried it.


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